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Back CHAPTER 7. EGGS. COMPOSITION Proteid, 14.9% Mineral matter, 1% Fat, 10.6% Water, 73.5% EGGS, like milk, form a typical food, inasmuch as they contain all the elements, in the right proportion, necessary for the support of the body. Their highly concentrated, nutritive value renders it necessary

Boiling eggs in their shells may seem as the easiest procedure of all basic cooking. Yet there are a few different cooking ways to choose from and a couple of tips to consider when boiling "the perfect egg" :-) fresh eggs water (salt) (vinegar) Basic instructions:

These Hard boiled eggs taste great and are a good accompaniment to salads and appetizers.

I tried it in my husband's relatives house and it was good... simple and quick if you have any immediate guests...

Perfect Boiled Eggs recipe: ... Log in (free) to see larger recipe photos! ... Ingredient Insight - look inside this recipe ...

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Boiled Eggs Recipe