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Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Classic Omelet recipe from Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Class.
This basic French omelet recipe is the easy version of a cafe classic. Using a few simple tricks, you can master the technique of making a versatile French omelet ...
The most successful omelettes are always beautifully simple and do not need an elaborate, rich filling.
Classic omelette recipe - Crack the eggs into a jug. Add the water and use a fork to whisk until well combined (the water will give the omelette a lighter, fluffier ...
Jan 26, 2010 ... Find the recipe for Classic Omelette and other egg recipes at
How to Make a CLASSIC FRENCH OMELETTE ... Notes and Recipes from Julia Child. The best omelettes are single servings made from 2 or 3 eggs, since ...
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Recipe Traditional Omelette