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Deviled eggs are always immediately gobbled up at any picnic or party, but these eggs seem to be grabbed even faster than most other recipes. The curry powder adds a unique flavor to the eggs that really makes the flavor pop, but it isn't so different that it really upsets the purists. Most

Let me tell you that the secret ingredient will add that special something that will get people asking what you did to make these so good! I'm not good at a bunch of ingredients so this is bare can fiddle with the spices if you like but try them this way may never go back!

These are different from those posted and I thought you might enjoy them. I have had this recipe in my file for a long time & I don't know from where I got it.

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A recipe for Curried Salmon Eggs - | Curried Eggs Recipes | Deviled Eggs Recipes, (1 pound size) salmon mayonnaise pimiento -- chopped green pepper -- chopped onion -- grated horseradish curry powder hard-cooked eggs Parsley
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Recipe for Curried Deviled Eggs