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For over easy, cook until whites are set. Turn over and cook just long enough to form a white film over yolks, about 30 seconds. For over well, turn eggs over and cook until eggs are completely set, about 1 minute.

Pour oil into skillet until heat is evenly distributed. Carefully crack each egg into heated pan, leaving spaces between them. Season with salt, pepper, worchestershire sauce and tabasco. When white begins to set, lower heat, add water to pan and cover. Leave for 2 minutes then serve immediately.

Heat two spoons of ghee in a frying pan on the fire and break the eggs and drop the yolks carefully in the frying pan and pour over them the boiling ghee from the pan with a spoon.

Place cream cheese, egg, sugar and salt in a bowl. Beat until well and stir in the chocolate chips. Set aside. Beat in all the remaining ingredients until blended. Fill cupcake liners 1/3 full. Top each with a heaping teaspoon of cream cheese mixture. Bake a 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes. Makes

Procedure: Heat 1 Tbl canola oil in a non-stick skillet. Bring to a medium heat. Crack 1 egg on a flat surface (flat surface avoids the possibility of getting egg shells in the egg) and gently pour into a shallow cup and then into a hot skillet. Reduce heat if the egg white starts to puff and

A simple and delicious way to transform fried eggs into a substantial one-dish brunch or snack dish. I read the basic idea for this recipe somewhere recently, then couldn't find it again, but I added to the original idea - which just had garlic sautéed in the oil before adding the eggs - when
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Types of fried Eggs