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This is one of my favorite hamburgers. I like to put some feta cheese on the patty a minute or so before I take them off the grill. I suggest topping these great burgers off with thin slices of tomato, cucumbers and white onions.

1/4 lb. butter 5 lbs. hamburger 1 c. chopped onion Salt/pepper/parsley/dill 1 lb. chestnuts 1 c. walnuts (finely grated) 1 sm. can tomato paste 1/2 c. rice Poultry seasoning Wine Pignolia nuts (golden raisins), optional

Macaroni layered with a homemade meat sauce and Greek cheeses.

In Greek: κιμάς μοσχαρίσιος κοκκινισÏ&dbquo;ός, pronounced kee-MAHS mohs-hah-REE-seeyohs koh-kee-nee-STOHS This is a classic meat sauce for use in baked
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Greek Hamburger Recipes