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When I grew up my father was the one who cooked dinner on weeknights. He enjoyed "inventing" dishes from what was on hand. This is my tweaked version of his creation. Delicious, quick to make and easy on the budget. My kids always used to fight over the leftovers, if there were any.

Hamburger-N-Beans Posted by pies & cakes & cookies ohmy! One of those recipes your mom used for years to feed the kids. The secret to making it your own is the BBQ sauce and the cheese you use. The recipe says cheddar, but jack, colby, and pepper cheese also work well. MORE»

BEANS AND HAMBURGER DISH FOR KIDS 2 cans pork and beans 1 bottle chili sauce 1 lb. hamburger 1 med. onion Lightly brown hamburger, add onions; cook until tender. Combine hamburger mixture with beans in baking dish and chili sauce. Bake in 350 degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes.

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Brown hamburger and onion together. After browning, drain most of the grease. Put into large pot and add V8, Frank's hot sauce, oyster sauce, fish and soy sauce, and chile sauce into pot. Let simmer. Cook beans as prescribed on back of bag. Once beans are done, add habanero, thai, and jalapeno

Brown hamburger, bacon and onion. Drain. Drain the liquid from the butter and the kidney beans, add to meat mixture along with the pork and beans. Mix sugars, BBQ sauce, ketchup, chili powder, mustard and small amount of ground pepper. Add to meat and bean mixture. Mix well and pour into sprayed 9 x
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Hamburger Beans