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A Juicy Lucy is a wonderful burger that has hot molten cheese in the middle of the hamburger, not visible to the eater until after a bite or two. It's from Minnesota. Usually cheedar but if fancy can be made with a blue cheese. I have not seen it out here - has anyone had one at a restaurant in

Add 2-3 tablespoons milk to a lb.of ground beef.I saw a chef do this on tv and it really works. I usually use 85% lean gr. beef or better,shape into patties,salt and pepper then cook.I've fried them,put them on the grill and on the Forman grill and they always come out juicy. I've tried

If they seem "packy" then you probably are, in fact, packing them too tightly. Be gentle when you shape them -- just enough to get them to hold together. Adding egg does nothing except give you egg in what is now more an individual meatloaf. :mad: If you're using good meat, you

Mix ground beef, salt, milk and beaten egg. Grate into mixture 1 small peeled potato; mix well. Form into patties and fry or broil as desired i.e. rare, medium or well. Above ingredients are per pound of beef, for 2 pounds of beef, double ingredients, etc.

Combine the beef with bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, grated onion, garlic powder, and tomato juice. Shape the meat into 4 to 5 large patties. Sprinkle both sides of burgers lightly with seasoned salt and pepper. Put burgers on a lightly oiled grill over the prepared coals and grill for about 5
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Juicy Hamburger Recipe