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Preparation: In food processor place ground beef, salt and water. Process for a few seconds o water and salt are blended through ground beef and meat should look a little pasty. On a 11x13" jelly roll pan place plastic wrap on bottom. Place hamburger in middle and with another piece of plastic

Instructions 1. Prepare the beef ahead of time by separating into sixteen 1-ounce portions and flattening each on wax paper into very thin square patties about 2-1/2 inches on a side. Using a small circular object like the tip of a pen cap, make five small, evenly spaced holes in each patty. Freeze

Directions Soak 1/4 cup dry minced onions in 1/4 cup hot water until soft while you mix 2 pounds ground beef with 3 ounce jar of strained beef baby food and 2/3 cup clear beef broth. Keep patties uniform using 1/4 cup meat mixture for each patty, flatten to 1/4" and fry quickly in 1 tablespoon

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees. In a large saucepan, brown beef and drain well. Cut up Velvetta or American cheese into small squares or cubes, add to ground beef and heat over a medium heat. Stir until all of the cheese is melted, be careful not to burn the bottom! Add Onion Soup Mix and stir well.

These are really close to the real thing. My family was in heaven! They're great for dinner, football parties, or kid's birthday parties. I'm not real fond of White Castle myself but I gobbled these up. Note: To freeze: Assemble hamburgers less the condiments. Flash freeze, wrap in plastic wrap, put
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Recipe for White Castle Hamburgers