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The U.S. ice cream industry sells more than a billion gallons of ice cream each year, dispensing cones, gallons, pints, sundaes and other desserts through grocery stores and ice cream shops. In fact, eight percent of all the milk produced in the United States ends up in a frozen dairy product [ ref

*note:Both recipies are awsome! espesialy served right away, or within a few hours, but the pumpkin recipe is easier to serve after 24 hours because it is softer. You can let the first recipie thaw a little before re-serving. Enjoy!, Zobin

Ice Cream Recipes There are many different flavors of ice cream available to enjoy today. Ice cream manufacturers make a special effort to provide quality and variety in their ice cream. However, you can also make ice cream yourself at home using an ice cream maker or even just by hand, though it

Testing eggs A good way to tell if an egg is fresh or not is to put it into a glass of water. If it's fresh it will lie horizontally. Egg shells are porous so the longer you leave them, the more air gets inside as water in the egg gradually evaporates away. As the air pockets get bigger, the

Scoop up some of these delectable, crowd-pleasing desserts at your next outdoor get-together. Try out one of these ten ice cream recipes perfect for anyone's sweet tooth.

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Home Made Ice Cream Recipe