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How to make a loud paper firecracker that is completely harmless. This is a great ... Make Paper Firecracker Step 1.jpg. 1 ... Make a Chinese Firecracker. How to
Oct 10, 2009 ... A video that teaches you how to make a paper Chinese firecracker.
Sep 3, 2010 ... How to make a paper Chinese Firecracker - YouTube. Subscribe 14. All comments (18). Share your thoughts. Top comments. Stream.
Apr 10, 2011 ... A paper "firecracker", also often referred to as a Chinese "firecracker", is a simple to fold device that can be used to create loud popping noises.
May 5, 2010 ... Hey, this is how to make a Chinese paper firecracker that just makes a loud noise that is fun to do in class but is loud enough to make your ...
The Chinese have been making firecrackers for more than a thousand years, and ... Black powder dust was wrapped in thin paper or coated onto fiber or string, ...
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