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Costco was selling these huge prefrozen lobster tails recently and I bought one. I'm wondering what the best way to make it into a succulent juicy lobster is. My friend said bake it for 20 minutes. I don't need anything fancy because I like the simple flavor of lobster and butter, but maybe

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So for our 4 year anniversary tonight, I've decided to go with a surf and turf theme. I don't have a problem with the steak (it's kind of my specialty) but I've never cooked lobster tails before. Tips? What do I need to know? I was going to pick up the tails (they're on sale 2

Learn more about warm and cold water frozen lobster tails.

Are thinking about buying some frozen lobster tails to make a special meal for your spouse or loved one? Whether you serve them alone or with a steak (Surf & Turf), you will want to read this article so you don't spend more than you have to for an inferior product. And if you are thinking

Lobster is always cooked before it's frozen. To prepare frozen lobster, it's best not to defrost the lobster. The lobster will retain more of its flavor if instead it is simply reheated for two minutes in boiling water. Once you have reheated the lobster, you can use it as called for in
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How to Cook a Frozen Lobster