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I am going to be having a dinner party soon and am planning on cooking lobsters, which I have never done before. Two questions. First, are they better boiled or steamed, and second, what are good side dishes to serve with lobster. Thanks

What To Do If Your Lobster Did Not Arrive Alive It can be difficult to tell sometimes if a lobster is actually DOA (Dead On Arrival), or just sluggish after the long trip from Boston. One good test is to touch the lobster's eye and watch for movement (gross, but true). If there are no signs of

Fresh Live Lobster When you go to buy a fresh live lobster you need to look for certain things. Its front claws will be banded - this is to stop them fighting - make sure they have two claws - some of the best meat is there. They should be lively and when you pull the tail, it should spring back

Our live lobsters come direct from the cold North Atlantic waters off the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia.

Take the lobster home and place a wet towel over it the darkness will make it go to sleep. You can either cook it in wellsalted water (as salty as sea water Rick Stein actually cooks his lobsters in sea water) or you can make a fragrant broth with celery fennel chillies bay and other herbs. Fill a
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How to Cook a Live Lobster