How many ounces are in a large box of Jell-O instant pudding?


A large box of unprepared Jell-O vanilla instant pudding contains 5.1 ounces of mix. Prepared according to directions, the package makes 3 cups of pudding. The 3.4-ounce box of vanilla instant makes 2 cups of pudding. Chocolate flavors have different amounts of mix, but identical amounts of prepared product.

Sugar preparations require cooking before serving and also have much smaller package weights. Sugar-free vanilla Jell-O packages weighing 0.3 ounces make 2 cups of pudding. Sugar-free chocolate cook-and-serve packages weigh 2 ounces and make 3 cups of pudding each. Traditional vanilla Jell-O instant pudding can also be bought in 28-ounce packages.


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