How many tablespoons are in 3/8 of a cup?


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Six tablespoons equal 3/8 cup. Since 1 tablespoon equals 1/16 cup, it follows that multiplying both 1/16 cup and 1 tablespoon by six, and then simplifying, yields the conversion of 3/8 cup equals 6 tablespoons.

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Tablespoons, teaspoons, cups and ounces are all U.S. customary units of volume based on the imperial system of measurement. These units are used in most recipes found in the United States. Basic conversions using these units include 3 teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon, 16 tablespoons equal 1 cup, and 8 ounces equal 1 cup. Most other industrialized nations use units from the metric system in recipes. Such units are the liter and milliliter.

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