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Ready-made meatballs make prep-time on this appetizer a two-minute task -it 's the slow cooking that gives them their smoky flavor.
A sweet, tangy sauce gives these meatballs a wicked delicious taste that guarantees an empty dish at potlucks and several requests for the recipe.
Get out your biggest pot! This recipes makes tons of yummy meatballs simmered in a tangy barbeque sauce - perfect for a big gathering. I always get lots of ...
Sep 25, 2013 ... They're exceptionally easy and a bit better for you than the frozen meatball+bbq sauce+grape jelly kind. (Which I'm sure I've eaten before and ...
Ree's Barbecue Meatballs (03:20) ... Drizzle the sauce evenly on the meatballs. ..... This will now be my "go-to" meatball recipe to use with other ...
Feb 14, 2009 ... My sister-in-law said she adds water but I like the sauce to be thicker, so this can be up to you. Since it ... 1/11 Photos of Sweet BBQ Meatballs.
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Barbeque Meatball Recipe