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1/4 pound Jimmy Dean regular, uncooked breakfast sausage 1 1/2 Tablespoons re−hydrated dried chopped onion 1 4 ounce can of Old El Paso diced green chilies 1 Tablespoon canned diced tomatoes (drain liquid) 4 eggs, scrambled using McDonald's method 4 8−inch flour tortillas 4 slices

You dudes sure got some imagination!!! i would never have thought to use homefries or italian sausage, ....maybe its cuz i'm a purist, beans,cheese in the flour tortilla, but looks good, guess i'll have to try it! Thanx for the tip dudes!

Sour Cream Burrito's,Fast and good.Brown & Drain 1 lb hamburger meat in a skillet remove from burner add one can of cream of chicken,and then just enough sour cream to turn it white,add 1 can cream of mushroom(mix this all up well).Warm tortillias & butter tortillias on both sides add
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