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Grilled Rabbit Recipe

Instructions * Note: Make a double recipe of "All-I-Oli With mustard" - recipe included in this database. Rinse inside of rabbit with white wine. Brush rabbit liberally with all-i-oli sauce. In Catalonia, the rabbit is sometimes speared in spreadeagle position on sticks and braced on

* Note: See the "Bayou Blast - {Emeril's Creole Seasoning"} recipe which is included in this collection. For the sausage: Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Grind the mixture in a meat grinder fitted with a 1/4-inch die or coarsely grind in a food processor fitted with a metal

Rabbit: Venison America uses only locally grown rabbits. We don't usually brag, but these are the best rabbits you will find anywhere. All are about 2 / pounds to insure young, tender and flavorful meat.

Cut out liver, pull out kidneys and excess fat. Cut up rabbit into joints, cut saddle into small pieces. Mix the mustard in a bowl with the olive oil, garlic and chopped tarragon. Brush the rabbit with the marinade. Place the rabbit on the grill around the edge with the lardons in the middle. The
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Grilled Rabbit Recipes