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Mix it all together. (we eat spines before making, just as a treat, don't know how that bit started. can remove skin, we stretch this canned fish so leave it on).

Our associated customer in Benin, west Africa are ready to order 14 x 40ft containers, by mixing with the following 3 types of canned mackerel to cover their branch office sales to lome togo, burkinafaso and Niger, provided that our prices must meet with their target prices. However, above quantity

Description: My client is interested to purchase the following: 1. Mixed fruit concentrate with Ingredients: Natural juice (apple, orange, pineapple, passion f ...

Pop open the cans, sprinkle liberally with brown sugar. Douse in Soy Sauce. Throw them into the toaster oven until the brown sugar begins to boil. It's usually a good idea to use the toaster over tray for this since they may spill.

The thing I like about jack mackerel is that it's really economical (only $1 - $1.50 per can), which is much cheaper than either canned salmon or tuna. I usually prepare the stuff the same way I would make tuna salad. However, I find that its smell and taste are rather strong and
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