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Seafood Soup Yield: 1 Servings 1 lg Thin sliced onion 1 c Chopped green onion & tops 3 cl Garlic fine chopped 1/2 c Fine chopped parsley 1 Seeded and diced bell Pepper 3 c Tomato sauce 1 c Dry white wine 1 c Water 1/4 ts Thyme crushed 1/4 ts Rosemary crushed 1 ts Salt 1/4 ts Fresh ground black

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One of our most tasty other soup recipe is seafood soup . Below you will find the materials, ingredients, preparation tips and cooking method for seafood soup. You will love the quick and easy way to prepare a seafood soup. Be sure to inform us if you have any valuable addition to seafood soup

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5 c Water 1 lb Green cabbage; cored and -- coarsely shredded, -- (4 cups) 1 lg Carrot;

Everyone has their favorite seafood, so this recipe is quick and easy to customize for your family. Serve with tortilla chips for a light lunch, or as an appetizer to start off your favorite Mexican meal.
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