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The most common shark caught in the surf and in the bay are called sand sharks. They are the sleek ... Go to the recipe section for how to cook dogfish shark.
Sure enough, I got my sand shark. With his body the shape of a ray, I battled for ages to cut through the skin near the backbone... It has a skin ...
Jun 24, 2005 ... Anyhow,...can ya eat these sand sharks/dog fish, i love shark steaks! Thanks fellas. Bill Choate<br />Live Easy, But Think First! God Bless USA ...
Jul 14, 2010 ... me and my cuz skinning a shand shark some mexican gave to us.
Oct 26, 2011 ... Posts about sandshark recipe written by Brian. ... Randy Turine this one's for you, Cape Anne Shark Delight. Say what you want about the ...
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