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Chef: Kevin Visard, Indigo In a 10-inch skillet saute shallots, fennel and leeks in oil till clear. Add oysters and tomatoes and cook until the edges of oysters are curled. Remove oysters and keep warm. Add wine and artichoke and reduce liquid by half. Add herbs and seasonings to taste and swirl in

These compounds are generally concentrated in the 'placenta' to which the seeds are attached. A smaller amount is found in the veins or white lines running from the top of the pepper to the bottom. The seeds contain only a small portion of capsaicin but will seem more pungent due to their

This recipe for Gratin of Smoked Oysters comes from the Crannog Seafood Restaurant situated in Fort William, Scotland. Founded in the early 80's by local fisherman Finlay Finlayson, today Crannog is a lively seafood restaurant. The menu at the Crannog boasts an extensive selection of seafood

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A recipe for Baked Oysters - - Ingredients -

Taco Oysters Yield: 6 Servings 1 Rock salt 36 Raw oysters on the half 1 Shell 15 oz Can of tomato sauce 3 tb Lemon juice 1 tb Sugar 3/4 ts Salt 1/2 ts Ground black pepper 1/2 ts Tabasco 18 Slices of bacon, cut into 1 4 pieces, partially fried 1 c Finely grated, extra old 1 Cheddar cheese At the
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Recipes for Cooking Oysters