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... garlic, cheese, walnuts and pinenuts according to the traditional Italian recipe.

Versatile Pasta Sauce! Growing up in an Italian household has made it second nature for me to make a delicious, easy tomato sauce for a variety of different pastas. The secret to Italian cooking is SIMPLICITY! You can easily change an ingredient here or there to make it the perfect for many

Here's my recipe for a delicious Italian tomato sauce, passed on to me by my friend Mark. It's a simple, basic recipe that goes with any sort of pasta. I've altered it a bit to my own tastes and you can, as well. (Of course the wine is a very subjective thing, but to me it gives the

COOKS NOTES: The ragu sauce will thicken considerably during cooking and that is how it is meant to be. But if it starts to stick to the pan, add a splash of wine or water. If you want to make this a vegetarian dish, simply substitute the meat and bacon with grated carrots and chopped sweet peppers

***** Most of the pasta recipes are for Italian pastas, of course, but you'll find friendly pasta recipes from around the world mixed in with the enduring and classic Italian pasta recipes.
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