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This is your mini-cookbook for Leftover Spaghetti Sauce. You may also be interested in these other popular Pasta recipes:
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Food Network Magazine proves that marinara in your pantry is good for much more than spaghetti.
See all of the recipes in the Left Over Creations! Pasta Sauce cookbook on Food. com - 58688. ... Just use your favorite bottled spaghetti sauce. You can use any ...
Jul 28, 2010 ... Most people have leftover spaghetti sauce. They either just eat it the next day or toss it, but there are some more creative ways to deal with ...
Cut leftover meat into bite-size ... cooked noodles and spaghetti sauce to taste. Layer slices of cheese over top and place in oven until the cheese melts.
Jan 30, 2009 ... I'm happy to announce the birth of a new blog! Thrift Kitchen! It started out as a solo deal - to help me cope with the reality of a shrinking budget ...
Mar 10, 2009 ... Using leftover spaghetti sauce really stretches the dollars here in that there is no need to add additional meat. if you like though, you can ...
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Leftover Spaghetti Sauce

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