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Ham is cooked in cola and onions , then covered with a molasses mustard glaze and baked. This is a good option when you don't need a huge bone-in ham . It's quick and easy.

1) I buy a boneless ham (but you could use bone-in or spiral cut if you want). 2) Then, I take a 9 x 13″ pan and line it with aluminum foil. Let enough foil hang over the sides of the pan so that when the ham's in the pan, you can bring the foil up over the ham and seal it. (This step

Source of Recipe BBR Recipe Introduction Posted by: Suzamews List of Ingredients It's the only way I make ham anymore. I use Coke (not diet). Recipe I mix brown sugar and mustard and rub over a scored ham. I mix pineapple juice (from large can of sliced pineapple) and about 1/2 can Coke with a

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... ingredients or not, the end result of this recipe is one of the tastiest hams ever.
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Coca Cola Ham Recipes