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From a Reynolds Foil cookbook. THE REYNOLDS KITCHENS TIP: Three or four ice cubes may be substituted for the water in each packet of ribs, if desired. USES: 2 sheets (18x24-inches each) Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

For the best taste prepare the sauce a day ahead to blend flavors --- although I have 6 servings listed for these ribs, my DS and DS could eat the whole thing just between themselves they are that delicious! I have made this recipe using side ribs also but I suggest to boil them first for about 20

Main Course recipe for Baby Back Barbecue Ribs ... Baby Back Barbecue Ribs Recipe - Cooking Index ...

A slightly sweet tomato sauce blankets these tender baby back ribs.

I have been making these ribs for a while now and my guests always rave about them. Although this is a two step, maybe even three step process depending on how your prefer them, the ingredients list is small, therefore you don't have to buy a lot of ingredients! Prep time: 5 - 10 minutes Cook
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Cooking Barbecue Baby Back Ribs