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This is your mini-cookbook for How to Make Beans and rice. You may also be interested in these other popular Rice recipes:
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Beans And Rice 2 Cups chicken broth 1 cup rice 1 1/2 teaspoon olive oil 1/2 green bell pepper -- in strips 2 cloves garlic -- crushed/chopped fine 7 ounces red peppers -- roasted/canned 1 can kidney or black beans -- (16 ounces) drained and rinsed 2 Tablespoons vinegar 1 Tablespoon Tabasco sauce 3

GREEN BEANS WITH RICE Yield: 4 Servings 1/4 c Butter or margarine 1/4 c Flour 3 c Milk 1 1/2 ts Salt 1/2 ts Dill weed 1 c Swiss cheese -- grated 2 cn Cut green beans -- Undrained 2 tb Parsley -- chopped 1 c Raw regular rice -- cooked & Drained Melt butter, blend in flour. Stir in milk. Cook

Instructions Cook onion and celery in butter in large skillet until tender. Stir in beans, salt, tomato sauce, pepper sauce and water; heat thoroughly. Serve over hot rice. *Any type of bean may be substituted. Each serving provides: * 212 calories * 8 g. protein * 3 g. fat * 40 g. carbohydrate * 1

Instructions Place beans, ham hocks, bay leaf and onion in a large pat and add enough water to cover. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to keep mixture at a slow boil. Cook until beans are very tender and liquid is the consistency of gravy, 3 to 4 hours .. adding more water if/ as needed to maintain

Soak the kidney beans overnight in the tap water, or you can use the quick soak method. Bring them to a boil in the tap water, and then let them sit, covered, on the back of the stove for an hour or two.

This recipe was passed down from my Cajun grandmother to me. It makes A LOT of food, and freezes well. I love to make this dish because the aroma that fills my house reminds me of back home. This can be made in a large crockpot, but I recommend a large stewpot as it makes a lot of food.
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How to Make Beans and rice