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Don't worry if you do not have or cannot find Worcestershire sauce for this recipe. As any number of Recipezaar members will tell you, Worchestershire sauce, Wochestershire sauce, Worchteshire sauce, Worchestire sauce, Worcesershire sauce, Worstershire sauce, Worschesteshire sauce, Worstchestershire

This is from Paula Deen of Food TV and is what I fixed for Christmas Dinner 2005. I was tempted to open the oven to check how things were going, but I resisted...waiting until it had cooked 40 minutes at the final stage of cooking. I had a 9+ pound roast and the final temperature at that point was

Instructions Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Stuff as many fresh garlic pieces into the roast as you can (the more, the better). Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper all over the roast. Generously cover roast with dry mustard, patting with fingers. Cover lightly with paprika for color. Place meat

Depends on how you like your beef.. We like it really rare in this household and I just cooked a 3 inch thick cut of cheap beef ($2.49) a chuck roast of some kind. To keep it rare, I froze it and when ready to cook I covered with olive oil and applied granulated garlic, pepper, and a BBQ rub I make

Given the popularity of this recipe in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I am re-posting it to make it easier to find. The directions for this roast may sound a little...well...unconventional. Don't worry, though. It's definitely a tried and true recipe. The results are
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Standing Prime Rib Roast Recipe