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My butcher had these on special again, so I couldn't help myself. For some reason, these sausages seem to go so unbelievably well with spicy chili flavors, even though the sausages aren't actually spicy themselves.

3. Spices will change from recipe to recipe, I was more concerned with the ... from the recipe. The mix as it now stands will bake well as ...

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Our barley risotto, served with duck sausages, is hearty enough for a one dish main course on the coldest night of the year. Double the recipe to serve eight. You'll all be enchanted.

Instructions Mince the meat and fat twice, then mix very well and season. (Fry a teaspoon or so each time to check the flavor until you get it the way you like it.) Add the herbs and breadcrumbs and any spices used. Fill skins as usual. (From IRISH TRADITIONAL FOOD)

Instructions Cut meat into 1" cubes. The raio of meat to fat should be approximately 2 to 1. If it isn't, add back fat until the proper ratio is reached. Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl and marinate for 48 hours in refrigerator. Remove bay leaves and put all ingredients through meat
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How Do I Make Sausages