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4 oz Salt 1 oz Black pepper; ground 1 1/2 oz Accent¨ seasoning mix 1 oz Cayenne 3 oz Light brown sugar 1 oz Louisiana¨ hot sauce 1 oz Paprika 3 oz Lea & Perrins¨ -- Worcestershire Sauce 3 Whole fresh green onion; -- chopped Mix all of the above together well. Stuff in casing. Recipe

DEER SAUSAGE I Yield: 1 Servings 10 lb Deer meat, lean 10 lb Pork, fresh, lean 3 oz Water 1 oz Pepper, black 3/4 oz Ginger, ground 1 1/4 oz Nutmeg 1/2 oz Allspice 1/2 oz Paprika 2 ts Garlic powder 12 oz Salt 1/2 lb Dried milk 2 1/2 ts Liquid smoke Grind together the two meats, mix thoroughly. Add

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[This DVD work equally well in making Smoked Beef Sausage, Beef Snack Sticks and Beef Jerky. It is exactly the same process! Just substitute lean beef or beef strips where the DVD uses lean deer or deer strips.]

We then pour our water seasoning mix over the coarse ground deer/pork mix. Then we thoroughly mix and stir the meat, seasoning, and water. We have good tap water in Jackson, MO, so we just take water from the tap, put in clean milk jugs, and let set 24 hours for the chlorine to dissipate. You could
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How Do You Make Deer Sausage