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This is your mini-cookbook for How Do You Make Summer Sausage. You may also be interested in these other popular Sausage recipes:
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After mixing all ingredients shape into rolls and place in ice-box (Refrigerator) 24 to 48 hours to cure. ... Recipe: Summer Sausage ...

Mix all ingreds. well. Form into 2 rolls and wrap tightly in foil. ... Rate this recipe ...

2 lb Pork sausage 2 tb Black Pepper 5 lb Ground venison 2 tb Liquid Smoke 1 ts Peppercorns 5 tb Morton Tender Quick Salt ... Rate this recipe ...

"This recipe uses venison and breakfast sausage. Takes four days to make, but well worth it!"

A great but easy recipe to use up extra ground venison, elk, moose or beef. It can be multiplied easily and freezes very well. Serve on crackers with cheese and a great mustard sauce.

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How Do You Make Summer Sausage