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This hearty soup recipe is a contribution of a visitor to The Artisan who enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and life in general. What we think what he enjoys most of all is being Italian. The recipe below is for 6 healthy diners. Ingredients: Ingredients, Olive Oil - Extra virgin, Links Sausage:

I use to make a variation of this sandwich when I worked as a cook in high school. The original sandwich used polish sausage, I adapted the recipe to my taste and used hot links. Most people prefer the hot links.

Not your typical biscuit mix sausage cheese balls, I developed this recipe as a starting point for a variety of tasty tidbits wrapped in butter-rich cheese pastry.

In large skillet, cook...Dissolve bouillon cube in hot water and sprinkle over...In same skillet, cook sausage until browned. To bread...45 minutes of turkey cooking.

Brown sausage lightly, pour off grease. Slice layers of sweet potato and apple alternately, sprinkling...sugar. Top with sausage links . Bake in moderate...until sausage is well done.

Mix the meats with the spices. For sausage links, attach 2 1/4-inchsausage casings to the stuffer nozzle on a hand meat grinder. Stuff the casings to the desired length, cut the links, and secure the ends with string. Barbecue at 225F for 2 hours or slow-smoke at 185deg F for 4 hours. For sausage
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How to Cook Link Sausage