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A previously cooked bratwurst or to to four breakfast sausage. Some vegetables, I use what I have left over from last nights dinner. 1 beef bullion cube. One cup of water. One teaspoon of worsteshire

Ingredients: === pasta ===, Eggs extra large, Unbleached all-purpose, Unbleached all-purpose, Olive oil, === filling ===, Baked potatoes peeled,, Fresh bread crumbs, Leftover meat or sausage, Grated parmigiano cheese, Milk to 1 cup, Salt to taste, Freshly-ground black pepper, Cinnamon, === sauce

Supper last night was hot polish sausages and grilled onion with mustard in rolls. Thinking of making soup tonight, any ideas for using up the sausage? Thank you!

This layered extravaganza is deliciously slow-cooked, and is a wonderful way to use your leftover turkey from the holidays! Makes a good after-Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve/Day dinner party dish. Original recipe was from "Julia Child's Kitchen." Although the preparation sounds a bit complicated,

Winona Burnam gave this recipe to me years ago. I made it a lot when my boys were little. It's one way to use leftover mashed potatoes; or you can make this up fresh. This is so much fun to make with your younger kids or grandkids. Let them make the crust. Thanks, Winona. Savory Sausage and
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Recipes for Leftover Sausage