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This is a great alternative to a plain cheese ball.

These are so delicious, I have even made this with pork breakfast sausage meat, do not precook the sausage meat for this as the meat will cook when baked --- make a double batch of these and freeze them, they won't last long! You can also add in a couple teaspoons minced yellow onions or a green

Sausage balls with cheese, biscuit baking mix, and grated onion, along with a little poultry seasoning. A popular appetizer recipe, sausage balls.

Mix all ingredients 2 inch diameter balls . Sprinkle with onion...for 12 minutes. If sausage balls do not stick...2 tablespoons of hot water.

Combine ingredients, mix until...into small walnut size balls . Place on broiler...drain off fat from sausage ). Bake at 350...minutes. Makes four dozen appetizer balls .
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Sausage Ball Recipe