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Delicious baked scallops with butter and garlic. Bay scallops are the little ones and they tend to be sweeter tasting than sea scallops.
The fragrance of these beautiful, buttery bay scallops with their garlic parsley sauce is only surpassed by the taste!
Jan 17, 2014 ... Bay scallop recipes are as plentiful as they are delicious, but they usually have one thing in common: relative simplicity. You will rarely find a ...
Feb 11, 2009 ... Bay scallops sauteed in butter, garlic and white wine - A delicious dish your family and friends will savor.
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Bay Scallop Gratin recipe from Ina Garten.
Sweet and fresh bay scallops are extra succulent when browned in butter and roasted with their juices along with mushrooms and shallots in this pan roast.
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Bay Scallops Recipes