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"Seared on the outside with a light crust and tender on the inside. You may vary the amounts of all seasonings to suit your taste. To add another dimension to the taste, sprinkle the scallops with Parmesan cheese before serving."

The flour mix totally fell off in the oil. What did stick was not crispy but soggy. Next time I'll try to use the flour mixture on the scallops but maybe bake or broil them. *Update* I've tried this a couple dif ways and have had great success. First, leave out the flour-you don't need

Seared Sea Scallops Recipe - by Step by step recipe instructions for Seared Sea Scallops.

... cup Island Chimichurri Sauce (see recipe below) 2 TBSP of each Red, yellow and green bell ... angel hair pasta (see recipe below) As ...

Seared Sea Scallops with Thai Curry 10 Jumbo sea scallops Olive oil 1 tsp. unsalted butter 1 tsp. red curry paste 1/2 tsp. brown sugar 1 cup coconut milk 2 tbs. fish sauce 1/2 tsp. chopped cilantro Add olive oil to saute pan over high heat. When smoking, place sea scallops in pan with butter. Season

A recipe for Texas Seared Sea Scallops containing sea scallops butter margarine garlic, minced dry white wine fresh parsley, finely chopped salt coarsely ground pepper flour
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Recipe for Seared Sea Scallops