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Squirrel and Noodles by anonymous 2 medium squirrels cleaned and whole 1 large onion. Rubbed Sage Salt Pepper Garlic ground red chili pepper. Fill 1 large  ...
Uncle Clyde's Squirrel Chili. You can find recipes for squirrel throughout the Eastern seaboard and in the southern states of the United States. 3 tablespoons  ...
Boneless squirrel chili. I could boil or fry the squirrel first bone in then chill it and pull the meat off the bones. Then id just make chili with it.
A collection of spicy chilli recipes includes such dishes as Tandoori Chicken, Savory ... We have substituted rabbit, fish, shark, squirrel, or used several cooked  ...
I have been asked to make a huge pot of squirrel chili for a taxidermy ... and brown the meat in hot fat then proceed with the rest of the recipe.
Jun 29, 2006 ... The actual name for this recipe is Squirrel Chili, but since it contains no actual squirrel meat, I thought it might be confusing to people who don't ...
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Squirrel Chili Recipe