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This is a nice delightful soup that is easy to prepare. I personally like to use the 1015's sweet mild onions when they are in season.
Mar 29, 2009 ... Outback Steakhouse Walkabout Soup can be made at home with this copy cat recipe. Enjoy this steakhouse favorite tonight.
Onions are long simmered in beef broth, then thickened with flour and enriched with cream and shredded cheese in this easy soup.
Rate this recipe: (average rating = 3.00 with 48 votes) ... A: Lucky for us, the Outback's popular Walkabout Soup is a personal favorite of Todd Wilber, the bane of ...
The Outback Steakhouse Potato Soup recipe is a baked potato in the form of a ... and the regular Creamy Potato, also known as the walkabout soup of the day.
Sep 25, 2011 ... For those whom haven't had the soup from's like a cheesy onion soup ! Mmmmm! Need I say more....
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Walkabout Soup Recipe