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Fat cover is not to exceed 1/4" total coverage; fat cover at any one location is not to exceed 1/4". The length of the tail from the eye should be approximately 1" (to vary +/- 1/2"). The fat kernel between the eye and the cap should be no longer than a quarter. Each steak is cut

Ingredients: Well-trimmed boneless beef, Red onion, cut into 1/2-inch, GLAZE, Coarse-grain Dijon-style, Chopped parsley, Honey, Cider vinegar, Water, Hot pepper sauce, Coarse grind black pepper, ...

Ingredients: Rib eye steak (12 ounce), Garlic cloves, Shallots, Vidalia onion, Tarragon fresh, Parsley, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, Guinness Stout Beer room, Tamari soy sauce, Black pepper coarse grind, Salt, ...

I served this with Fusilli in Cherry Tomato Sauce . The spices here were complex, and were an unexpected complement to the extremely high quality steak, from Dines Farms , in upstate New York. They're an all-natural farm (although they do use herbicides / antibiotics), which results in some of

Backwoods Home Magazine - Recipe of the week - Ribeye Steak with Chianti Sauce

"The Wagyu Beef" - also known as "Kobe Beef" is the ultimate masterpiece of Japanese Beef. Wagyu are raised with pride and care all over Japan, and they provide truly world class high quality beef. Wagyu is strictly graded and sorted info five classes by professionals from the
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Boneless Ribeye Steak Recipe