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I agree with all the above, but especially about the probe digital thermometer. My life has become heaven on earth since I bought one. Prime rib at xmas was perfect. It'd always been such a source of panic because it's very hard to ignore that if it's overcooked, you spent over $100 for

What to do for the day they call Turkey Day? RECIPE ... RECIPE Vrndavan Parker Vedic Culture 0 11-03-2006 03:18 PM ...

Cooked a 13# turkey after brining for 48 hrs in Smokin's Holiday Brine. Cooked it at 250 in a Smokette for about 3 1/2 hours. At this point the breast temp was 167, but it was way too early to take out so I turned the temp down to 200 for a little over an hour. I then foiled in a cooler for

Having a bad turkey day? Don't throw in the kitchen towel just yet. Even on Thanksgiving Day, help - some of it in the form of a real person - is just a call or a click away. Here's a sampling. - Need tips for carving the turkey? Go to and watch a video demonstration of
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How to Make Turkey Call