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Bacteria can survive in stuffing which has not reached the safe temperature of 165 °F, possibly resulting in foodborne illness. Even if the turkey itself has reached ...
If you insist on stuffing the turkey, stuff loosely and follow the steps below. ... The stuffing temperature will rise a few degrees after the turkey is removed from the ...
Read Turkey Recipes and Tips - stuffing & roasting - Natural vs. organic? To brine ... Stuffing cooked inside a turkey must reach an internal temperature of 165 °F.
Jul 31, 2013 ... Cooking a home-stuffed turkey is riskier than cooking one not stuffed. ... If the temperature of the turkey and the center of the stuffing have not ...
Nov 25, 2013 ... When preparing a turkey, be aware of the four main safety issues: thawing, preparing, stuffing, and cooking to the adequate temperature.
safe minimum internal temperature as measured with a food thermometer. ... the stuffing and the turkey reach a safe minimum internal temperature of 165. ºF.
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Turkey Stuffing Temperature