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This is your mini-cookbook for Turkey and Stuffing Leftover Recipes. You may also be interested in these other popular Turkey recipes:
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... turkey stuffing bundles recipe from our free leftover turkey recipes collection

Mix baking mix, milk, eggs, parsley, sage, thyme, salt, poultry seasoning and pepper in a dish with fork until batter is of uniform color (batter will be lumpy). Stir in remaining ingredients. Bake until golden brown and knife inserted in center comes out clean. Bake in a 10-inch dish for 35 to 40

3 c. cooked diced turkey 1 pkg. cornbread stuffing mix 1 stick melted butter 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 can cream of mushroom soup 2 c. turkey broth (or 3 chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in 2 c. water)

Turkey Stuffing Bundles 1 package Pepperidge Farm Frozen Puff Pastry Sheets (2 sheets) 1 (12 ounce) jar turkey gravy or 1 1/2 cups leftover gravy 2 cups coarsely chopped cooked turkey 1/2 cup cooked vegetables (peas, corn, green beans or carrots) 2 cups prepared Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, any variety

This Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Casserole recipe is the perfect way to re-use some of that leftover turkey and makes an appetising and very tasty dish for those post Christmas blues. Savour our Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Casserole recipe.

A recipe for Turkey Soup With Leftover Stuffing Dumplings - | Turkey Soup Recipes | Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Recipes, ***For the soup:*** unsalted butter total of carrots, onions, celery and leeks, diced to medium size leftover turkey scraps and bones Salt and fresh pepper, to taste pumpkin
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