What are Vienna sausages made from?


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Vienna sausages made in North America consist of a blend of pork, chicken, beef and turkey. This blend is mixed with various spices, salt and mustard, then stuffed into a casing to be cooked.

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Once the Vienna sausage has been cooked, the casing is removed, and the sausage is cut into smaller sections. These sections are cooked once more before they are canned. Once completely cooked, the sausages are canned in either a gelatin substance, barbecue sauce or a smoke-flavored liquid.

In several European countries, Vienna sausages are actually what Americans know as hot dogs or frankfurters. The sausage is made of pork or a mixture of meat products, and is cooked in a casing. The casing is not removed after being cooked and is left in a longer size, resulting in the texture of an American hot dog. European Vienna sausages are served on a bun with a choice of condiments.

The nutritional content of Vienna sausages made in North America includes 110 calories for a serving of three sausages. Total fat is 10 grams, and the total carbohydrate count is 1 gram for the same serving size. Vienna sausages also contain 5 grams of protein for a serving of three sausages.

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