What are the names of dormant volcanoes in the Philippines?


The dormant volcanoes found in the Philippines are Mt. Apo and Mt. Isarog. The former, which is located in Mindanao, is Philippines' highest peak at 9,689 feet.

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Mt. Isarog, which is located in the Bicol region and near the tourist town of Naga, stands more than 5,000 feet. In 1934, it was marked as a national park due to its rich flora and fauna.

Volcanologists divide volcanoes into three groups: active, extinct and dormant, based on the recorded volcanic activity over time. The former is one that has erupted recently or is about to erupt. An extinct volcano is one that has not erupted for ages and shows no indication of erupting now or in the near future. The dormant type may not have erupted recently, but there is potential for eruption due to recorded internal activity.

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