How much foreign aid does the United States give to Mexico?


In 2013, the United States gave Mexico $51.5 million in foreign aid. Of that amount, $24.8 million, the largest segment, was designated for democracy, human rights and governance. The next largest amount, $10.9 million, was designated for the environment, and $8.4 million was designated for economic development.

Lesser amounts were designated for health ($2.9 million), program management ($2.4 million), education and social services ($1.1 million), peace and security ($0.6 million), humanitarian assistance ($0.3 million) and multisector ($0.1 million). As of September 2014, the data shows disbursements from the United States to Mexico totaling $15.4 million, with $7.1 million going for democracy, human rights and governance, $4.4 million for environment, $2.9 million for economic development, $0.6 million for education and $0.5 million for program management.

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