Where can someone play Oregon Trail online?


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A classic version of Oregon Trail can be played at virtualapple.org. Mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod products can be downloaded through Apple's App Store.

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The Oregon Trail computer game was originally designed in 1971 by a trio of student teachers in Minnesota who wanted to educate their students about pioneer life. Three years later, it was redesigned and released by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, or MECC, which developed educational software. The game was compatible for use on the Apple II microcomputer. Oregon Trail became increasingly popular in the 1980s and, by 1995, it was responsible for one-third of MECC's annual revenue.

Although the game's popularity waned after the 1990s, updated versions were developed for use with various gaming platforms. Versions for both Macintosh and Windows operating systems were released. Versions for gaming consoles like Wii and Nintendo 3DS have also been launched.

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