What are the most picked Keno numbers?


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Keno is a lottery-type game where each number has an equal likelihood of being drawn by the computer or machine. In live keno games, players use writing utensils to mark their numbers on a paper, while in video keno games, players touch a screen to indicate their preferred numbers.

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In most keno games, players select at least two and up to ten numbers they think will be drawn out of a pool of 80 numbers. Players receive prizes based on how many numbers they select that are actually drawn. Prizes can be quite substantial when a player matches all or most of the numbers. At the Station Casinos in Las Vegas, Nev., players win one million times their wager when they match ten out of ten numbers. Those who match just seven out of ten numbers receive a prize of 100 times the bet.

Although each number is equally likely to be drawn in a keno game, some agencies make data about previous games available to players who want some suggestions on numbers to play. For instance, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation offers data on specific winning numbers from previous games along with statistics on how often specific numbers are drawn. The agency also cautions players that there is no relationship between numbers being selected in previous drawings and those numbers being more likely to appear in a future game.

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