How do you use a Ouija board?


Players place fingers on a looking glass planchette placed at the center of the Ouija board, ask a question and wait for the planchette to move across the board to answer the question. Only one player should ask a question at a time, with all other players clearing their minds and focusing on the question.

The words "yes" and "no" are written in the corners of the board, the alphabet is arranged in two curved rows at center and  numbers beginning with  1 and ending with 0 are in a straight line across the bottom of the board. The planchette can provide "yes" or "no" responses, or spell alphanumerical answers as it glides across the board. All players must touch the planchette lightly so it can move freely; no player should attempt to influence the answer by dishonestly guiding the planchette.

Return the planchette to the board's center before asking the next question. Move the planchette across the word "goodbye" when finished playing.

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