What are some Dirty Santa gift ideas?


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Excellent Dirty Santa gift ideas include a black leather beer holster, Sex Panther cologne, a giant Gummy Bear, Gummy Bear lights or a Gummy Bear lamp. Consider a Shakespearean insults mug or a smartphone projector, as well. Zombie survival crates and zombie matryoshkas are also fun gifts.

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A shirt that reads, "Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?" from the IT Crowd is a great idea. A paperback copy of "Why Is Daddy in a Dress?: Asking Awkward Questions with Baby Animals," is a funny idea. Shot glass checkers sets, bacon bandages, Cougar Cream with Chamomeow, Mini Beer Pong and a Star Trek electronic door chime are clever gifts.

"Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat" by Kaori Tsutaya, and "The Hungover Cookbook" by Milton Crawford are fantastic Dirty Santa gifts idea. A toilet tie or bathroom guest book are funny gifts. An extra large wine glass that holds a full bottle and a break up kit are appropriate gifts for rocky relationships.

Coffee drinkers will enjoy a Van Gogh disappearing ear mug, or a math, classic movie, or global warming mug. Cat lovers will delight in "Dancing with Cats" by Burton Silve and Heather Busch, authors of "Why Cats Paint."

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