What are some gifts for a 20th wedding anniversary?


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Some gifts that are good options to give for a 20th wedding anniversary include a china vase, china plate set, china cake plate, china figurines, platinum ring, platinum bracelet or platinum earrings. The traditional gift to give for a 20th anniversary is china in both the United States and Great Britain. The modern 20th anniversary gift is platinum.

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China given on a 20th anniversary symbolizes the beauty, delicacy and elegance of a couple's love for each other through 20 years of marriage. Platinum represents the endurance and strength a marriage needs to sustain through 20 years. Couples can choose gifts of china and platinum as a way of reflecting on their lifetime commitment to one another.

The 20th anniversary has other symbols that can be used for gift ideas. The 20th anniversary colors are emerald green and white. Gifts in these colors include sheets, towels and clothing. The aster and day lily are the flowers for a 20th anniversary. A bouquet of these flowers in a china vase is another gift option. The 20th anniversary gemstones are emeralds and yellow diamonds. Couples can set these stones in platinum necklaces, rings, cufflinks, earrings or bracelets for an anniversary gift.

Other ideas for couples celebrating 20 years of marriage include a picnic using a china basket, dinner at a Chinese restaurant, tickets to a concert, a trip to China or a party using Chinese lanterns as decorations.

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