What is a good 60th birthday present?
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What is a good 60th birthday present?


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Because people turning 60 often don't want to accumulate more material objects, giving a gift of a special experience is a great birthday present idea. Other ideas include assembling photos into a book, making donations to causes important to the birthday celebrant and creating gift baskets filled with favorite foods.

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As people grow older, often they create lists of experiences they would like to have. Indulge this wish with a birthday present taking the celebrant to a place he's always wanted to visit or providing a special experience such as sky diving or golf lessons with a professional.

A special gift for someone turning 60 is a journal that guides the person through a retrospective look at his life. This can also be a present that the recipient can later pass on to his own children or grandchildren. A commemorative look back at the day or week the person was born, such as a framed newspaper, is also a unique gift.

A basket filled with goodies that can be consumed and enjoyed without adding to one's list of possessions is often welcomed by 60-year-olds. Consider a basket of gourmet brownies or wine. Other welcome presents include electronics, books or simple jewelry.

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